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Our teachers are the back bone of our center.  We work with teachers from all sorts of fields who have a passion for teaching and a desire to make a difference.  The Brooklyn Education Center knows that the right teacher can make all the difference in the classroom.  Patience and expertise are essential qualities for any teacher in our center.  If you you are interested in becoming a teacher please email us a cover letter and attach a resume.

Bridgette E Gubernatis

Subject: CST, LAST, ATS-W and ATAS test prep.
Email: bgubernatis@hotmail.com

Bridgette teaches the ALST, EAS, CST, and SAT test prep courses for two other schools in addition to Brooklyn Education Center. She teaches for the Professional School for International Teachers, Goodwin Associates Link Touro College as an Adjunct Professor and at Kingsborough Community College in Continuing Education. In addition to test prep courses she does resume preparation.

Her methods are designed to help test takers de-stress and recognize easy strategies for success. If you've had trouble passing in the past and are at a loss, you will enjoy the step by step approach, easy to memorize mnemonic devices and built in thinking prompts that make the essays especially easy.

Bridgette has a Master's Degree in Liberal Studies and a BA in English. Both degrees are from Brooklyn College.

Christina  Nitschmann

Subject: Business
Email: cnitschmann2001@yahoo.com
Phone: 718-713-2289
Website: http://savvy-customerservice.webs.com/

Christina Nitschmann teaches courses focusing on business, finance, sales, and debt collections. She has more than twenty years’ experience in the financial corporate world.

In 2011 she founded Savvy Customer Service, a consulting firm offering the highest quality "staff and management training” in sales, customer service, and business-to-business (B2B) debt collections. She has worked with and helped businesses in industries such as media, finance, fashion, legal, hospitality, and import/export.

Alexis  P

Subject: Social Studies
Email: mspaupaw@aol.com
Phone: 718-219-1386

Alexis, teaches the CST Social Studies prep course and can also help with the CST Multi-Subject History section. Presently, works as a NYC DOE Social Studies Teacher.
As I prepare students for the CST Social Studies I focus on Global Studies, US History, Government, and Economics. Which are the topics that are covered on the CST Social Studies exam. I can offer actual materials from the exam which will include the multiple choice questions and the actual essay.
I am also available for phone conference, this is great for those that are familiar with the exam, but keeps missing the exam by a few points.
Currently, I possess a master in Adolescence education 7-12 specializing in Social Studies. I am working on my second master and I plan to become an Assistant Principal or Principal.

Dawn M Yeager

Subject: Essay Evaluation
Email: nursie414@aol.com

Dawn is a substitute teacher and AVID Tutor for Harford County Public Schools in Maryland, and she has been for several years. Her degree from CCBC in Maryland specializes in English and health sciences. AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination, and the tutors prepare the students in grades 7 to 12 to attend college by teaching them how to problem solve and find answers independently. With English being her specialty, she can help you create and edit your essays while focusing on grammatical errors, punctuation, format, and development of a thesis.

Christopher A Finch

Subject: General Tutoring/Social Studies/Writing/Test Prep
Email: chris.a.finch87@gmail.com
Phone: 203 218 8390

I love teaching. I am an enthusiastic and personable teacher who has established a reputation for quality instruction, curriculum building and classroom management at my school in the South Bronx. I have extensive experience tutoring including experience as a collegiate writing tutor at St. Lawrence University, K-4 Math and Reading tutor for ESL students in Bridgeport, CT and 9-12 Social Studies and Regents Prep Tutor in New York City. I have also written curriculum for 12th grade Participation in Government and maintained an organized and challenging course for my students. As a teacher, I consistently maintained a high "Healthy Teacher" score, a survey which assesses the quality of each teacher's performance from students' perspective. Furthermore, I love the subjects I teach, social studies and writing. I also have extensive experience in public speaking. A little about me: I am a former college athlete, I dabble in acting which I hope to pursue and I enjoy crossword puzzles, running, weightlifting and listening to NPR every morning.

Carmine  Mucciarone

Subject: ALST Test Prep
Email: cmucciarone@gmail.com

Anna  Azarias

Subject: ALST Test Prep
Email: anna.azarias@gmail.com

Anna has a Masters Degree in English Education with a focus on literature and writing. She also has experience in bilingual education and comes from a bilingual background Greek and English. She is focused on Test Prep experience and has worked with Bridgette for over 4 years.

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